BBB Dropshipping and Wholesale Sourcing Services

Your Own Online StoreI know a lot of you want a real hands on online business where you handle inventory, shipping, updating your cart, e-mail inquiries, ordering problems and of course customer service (yes customer complaints as well!). You can start small and grow as you get a feel for your industry.

But you are going to need products! If you create or manufacture your own products or only have a few items, a simple WordPress blog with Pay Now buttons from PayPal is a great way to start! Or use a free store solution such as Prestashop.

If you want to start a full fledged online store, use a drop shipping solution to create your inventory (without actually handling inventory). The sourcing companies represented below are at the top of their game. Take your time and look over your options before you make a decision because there is a commitment in time and money. These companies all offer money back guarantees and/or free trials. So lets dive in!

I’ll discuss some eCommerce store solutions in another article soon!

NOTE: You must be very careful when looking for a supplier!  Below are companies that pre-screen and qualify Drop Shippers and Wholesalers that I highly recommend as trustworthy and are BBB accredited.


The Best BBB Approved Drop Shipping and Wholesale Product Services:

SaleHoo is BBB Accredited A+

Overall Rating: SaleHoo

Cost : $67 Per Year

SaleHoo Wholesalers & DropshippersSaleHoo is a leading Wholesale & Drop Shipping service offering a high number of pre-qualified suppliers. Highly respected and excellent in their ease of use. They don’t have the same number of training and marketing resources as the others but is much more affordable to get started with.

The one very high grade they get is the price of only $67  Per Year membership! So if you want to get your feet wet in the wholesale or dropshipping market this may be your best option.

SaleHoo verified wholesale directory is updated frequently and also offer over 8,000 verified wholesalers and drop shippers. Their private members’ forums have over 65,000 registered members and they are moderated by expert eBay Powersellers. Also members of the eBay developers’ program.

There are a number of articles posted on their website to help you make decisions which are short and sweet. For more information I posted some quick links below.

For More Information On SaleHoo, Use These Quick Links:

Direct Link To SaleHoo Home Page

Take A SaleHoo Video Tour


Worldwide Brands is BBB Accredited A+

Overall Rating: star5-4

Cost: $299 One Time for Lifetime Membership

World Wide BrandsWorldwide Brands has over 8,000+ pre-screened wholesalers and drop shippers in their database. They are one of the  leading authorities to get you the best prices on over 8 million products to sell online.

Their BBB Online profile shows they have a great track record!

It doesn’t just stop there. There is a wealth of training guides and videos as well as free e-books to help you pick the right products for maximum profit. Their guides include various ways to market your products for both beginners and experts as well.

Joining Worldwide Brands will give you access to a private e-Commerce forum for like minded people and seasoned experts for professional business advice, excellent market research tools and tons of bonuses.

No middleman, pre-qualified suppliers, over 8 million products, excellent market research tools, private professional forum, video training, free e-books, great bonuses and the list goes on making Worldwide Brands an exceptional choice.

The price may seem a bit steep but it is only a one time fee to join their service. You do have the option to split the payments over 4 months for an extra fee if that would be easier for you.

Here Are Some Quick Informative Links For Worldwide Brands:

Direct link to Worldwide Brands home page

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Free Product Sourcing Video Course


These  BBB Accredited Drop Shipper and Wholesale sourcing directories are at the top of their game.