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Please be patient while the site gets some cleaning up. I’ll be posting some new updates shortly and would like your opinion when I get more than just BBB Accredited money making sites like, insurance, loans etc.

For the next couple of weeks this website will be going through some transformations that may, or may not, make it a little difficult to navigate.

Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it and will be giving you a more robust website with more BBB Accredited businesses that you can trust.

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How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Simple Guide To How Drop Shipping Works

Drop shipping is where the product distributor manages all of the shipping and delivery for you. As opposed to purchasing inventory in bulk, the supply stays with the distributor then when you make a sale, they package  the product and send it directly to your customer along with your company label on the box.

Drop shipping is excellent if you are fresh to online selling mainly because it means there is minimal to no start-up cost and hardly any risk involved, since you won’t be required to purchase a bulk lot of items which you aren’t 100% certain will sell. Making use of drop-shipping companies also eliminates the problem encountered by numerous online sellers: exactly where they’ll store their goods – there’s no need to rent any storage space meaning major savings for you!

Drop Ship Lifestyle

Drop shipping does have some downsides. First of all, drop shipping is a bit more costly than purchasing in bulk. Normally a drop shipper will add US$2-US$5 dollars on top of the price of the item to take care of their expenses of processing the item. This usually means that keeping up with and staying competitive in high profile categories like electronic products and clothing could possibly be challenging but it surely does not necessarily mean that you are unable to earn money whenever you drop ship, it merely suggests that choosing a specific niche market will be all that much more important.

The Five step guide to drop-shipping:

Step One: Choose A Drop Shipper

This can be done by either Googling your item name + “drop shipper” or you can check out online wholesale directories.

Step Two: Create an account with your drop shipper

You might have to pay for a modest account set up fee – even though this isn’t generally ideal, it’s a very common policy for some drop shippers. You should be careful, however, of companies who insist upon you having to pay monthly or yearly service fees.

Various drop shippers have different kinds of accounts that you can set up. You can either credit your account and apply the credit to fund items you purchase for your consumers or you can pay as you go and apply the revenue you obtain from buyers to order the products

Step Three: List the products you would like to sell on your website, eCommerce store or an online auction marketplace such as eBay. You’ll be able to list as much as you like since you don’t need to pay for them until they sell! Make use of the pictures and product descriptions that your particular drop shipper supplies to enhance your listing.

Step 4: When the item has sold and you have received payment from your buyer, log on to your suppliers web site and purchase the item you have sold and have it sent out to your buyers address. If your drop shipper does not have an eCommerce site set-up which you can buy directly from, simply send them an email with the details of what you want and where to send it to.

Step 5: It’s all up to the drop shipper now! They will package and ship the item out to your awaiting buyer.

Hopefully this will help you understand how drop shipping works!

You can get great Free training from the Salehoo website, just follow this link to How Does Drop Shipping Work.

And if you really want to get started fast without needing any technical skills you may want to have a look at Salehoo’s Stores where you can get up and running in no time!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

This is one of just a very few affiliate marketing websites that are legitimate and will teach you how to create websites that rank high in the search engines.

Affilorama is  the website and the owner, Mark Ling, and his team does a fantastic job of training complete newbies to experienced marketers on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. It’s about creating a long term business that will make you a consistent income every month.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners With Affilorama

There are just a few marketers that I genuinely trust as worthy of their salt. Mark Ling is one of them. He’s been in the game for quite some time now so he is a seasoned professional.

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FREE SEO Software

Traffic Travis - Free SEO SoftwareIf I build it they will come! Sorry, not so.  It’s common sense that to bring free traffic to your website you have to to be at the top of the search engine results.

Okay, you’ve got a great idea for a website and you hammer away day after day, week after week doing keyword research, applying your keywords to your content, making sure your keywords are in H1 tags, set up your meta description tags and apply your Google analytics code,  and now finally have your site together.

You go to your Google account every day looking at how your website is doing. Hmmm. Alright, maybe I’ll try posting in a few forums and put your website in your signature line. Oh look! A few new hits to your website! Great! But still no significant traffic.  Now your curious about how your website is ranking for your chosen keywords so you put a search term in Google and see where your website is for that term. Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6……….  Still can’t find it! A year goes by and you still don’t see enough traffic to make any real money. You may have made a few sales during the year but it’s hardly a day job killer, just some pocket change that paid your hosting fees, which, by the way, is not a bad thing! But……. [Read more…]

Free Drop Shipping Companies

Start A Drop Shipping Business


Looking for free drop shipping companies? You’re not alone. There are thousands of people out there looking to get into drop shipping. Drop shipping is a simple, fun, and lucrative online business model, if you know what to do.

The fact that you’re searching for free drop shipping companies shows you’re on the right track. The fact is, all real drop shippers are free. No real wholesale company or manufacturer should ever charge you to sell their products. If you’re paying monthly fees or membership costs, you’re likely dealing with a middleman.  [Read more…]

Use Site Build It To Start An Online Business

Site Build It. Is It For You?

Ever since I came across, which would be about 5 years ago, I have always been a little sceptical about all of these so-called money making websites and training systems. There are just too many of them just crying for you to open your wallet and fill theirs without so much as a thank you. Not so with Site Build It!

Site Build It is located in Montreal, Quebec so it does not have a U.S. BBB Accredited seal, but reviewing numerous forums and websites (which I trust!) there are no bad reviews! They really are the real deal. The support and tools are pretty phenomenal. No lie.

Please see this quick video by the founder, Ken Evoy, of and continue reading. Good guy!

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ReviewAZON WordPress Plug-in

ReviewAZON WordPress Plug-in is BBB Accredited A+

Pricing: 5 Star Rating $79

Ease Of Use: 3 & 1/2 Star Rating 


Want to start a great legitimate work from home  business without the hassles of carrying merchandise with the ease and simplicity of a WordPress blog?

The ReviewAZON WordPress plug-in software is packed with features that will get you an Amazon powered product review site online quickly and easily. And the best part, Amazon handles all of the shipping, merchant services and customer support. You just collect a commission between 4-15% when someone clicks through and buys.

Pricing gets a 5 star rating because you have no limit on the amount of websites you can create, you get free updates for life, it’s very affordable and access to a dedicated private support forum.


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SEO Blogger For Firefox & WordPress

SEO Blogger For Firefox Add On

Get FirefoxSEO Blogger has got to be one of the best Free Search Engine Optimization tools using Firefox and WordPress developed by Wordtracker.

This gets really exciting when you are trying to get your WordPress blog optimized for the search engines by using keyword relevant content on your blog. In fact, you can download the Free SEO Blogger for Firefox Add on and get quick and easy instructions for using it now. Really! It’s so cool that I am using it right now checking it out for myself and I’ve got to say it will definitely help you write relevant blog posts that search engines love.

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World Profit And Jeffrey Lant Scam

So Called "Doctor" Jeffrey Lant

BBB Accredited Scam?

In my research travels for BBB Accredited business opportunities within the BBB online website that I could review, I came across this website called World Profit. 

Now first and foremost I need to inform you that not all businesses accredited by the BBB are completely scam free! Only real due diligence into the business type and into the actual business itself along with a search on some forums will you get at the truth. This is what I do for you!

This is what I did as an undercover agent (sounds cool) so you don’t make the same mistake, and I MEAN mistake! Now lets continue on to the comedy. (Hint: I wouldn’t trust this guy!)

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